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Are you interested to join MAK? MAK supports (prospective) TiSEM-students in their academic careers by organizing introduction activities, tutorships, mentorship, and other major activities within committees. MAK is a close group of friends where a steep learning curve is stimulated through workshops, personal guidance, and plenty of social events.

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ASSET | MAK Integration

As of the 2018-2019 academic year, study association Asset and MAK Mentorship Systems have started an integration project to become a single organization. With this integration we aim to serve the TiSEM student even better than before with regard to study support, career development, social cohesion and the PASS Mentoring program. 

Asset Tilburg

Do you want to know more about Asset Tilburg or its departments? Visit Asset on the first floor of Esplanade (E118).

Asset Tilburg Website
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