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Become a MAKker!

Do you want to become active besides your studies? Would you like to organize events for your fellow Tilburg School of Economics and Management students? And would you like to do this together with a very close group of friends? If the answer is yes, you should become active at MAK!

Becoming active at MAK gives you the opportunity to develop yourself besides your studies. You develop both professional and social skills by doing committee work and by being part of our close group of members. So, are you motivated, enthusiastic and eager to develop yourself? We might be looking for you!

Become active!

If you would like to become active at MAK, you can fill in the form at the bottom of the page. The board will invite you for a ‘coffee’ in which you get a better impression about MAK and we about you! When you join MAK, you will get to know your fellow MAKkers, during one of our bi-weekly drinks in Studio! on Thursdays. MAKkers are social and open-minded, so you will notice that you’ll get to know everyone very fast. After the General MAKkers Meeting (GMM), the committees are divided and you can get started with you committee work.

Personal development

At MAK, we focus a lot on personal development. This is accomplished by committee work, but also by several interesting workshops in which you will get the opportunity to develop yourself professionally and socially. For example, workshops related to how to have an effective meeting, conflict management, presentation skills, leadership skills and Photoshop skills are given regularly. Besides, we also document the personal development of MAKkers using portfolios. In short, personal development of our active members is of vital importance to our organization.


As a MAKker, working in committees is not the only aspect. MAK is a very social group of friends that you will get to know very fast. Besides the bi-weekly drink, there are many more social activities! For example, MAK weekend, MAKtivity, and birthdays, but also coffee, lunch and dinner in our room (E111) at the university and studying together. In short, MAK also has a very important social aspect that binds us into a very close group of extremely motivated students.

Do you want more information? You can always send an email to or WhatsApp us with a question!