Tutorship Pre-master

Dear (pre-master) students,

Currently, planning is busy with finding suitable rooms for our tutorships on our campus. We expect to start selling pre-master tutorships in the week of September 9 - September 13. We still have no definite sales date yet. We will announce this shortly. We will always pre-announce tutorships through our website and social media (Facebook and Instagram) when they are published in our shop. This is to provide everyone an equal chance to select a suitable time slot. This time slot is fixed for all lessons.

We are also looking into bachelor tutorships, which are likely to start at the end of September. Keep yourself up-to-date via our social media channels!

Although we try to help all students requesting a tutorship, it might be possible some of you will not find a suitable tutorship yet in September. In October and November we will open new groups to follow mid-semester and crash course tutorships

  • Regular tutorships (11 times 1.5 hour lessons, 60 euros): in the second half of September. Will be pre-announced soon!;
  • Mid-semester tutorships (6 times 1.5 hours, 35 euros): are likely to be open in the second half of October;
  • Regular Crash Courses (2 times 4.5 hours, 35 euros, fixed time slot): will open in the second half of November;
  • Resit Crash Courses (2 times 4.5 hours, 35 euros): will open in December.

Become a tutor?

If you are willing to become a tutor in statistics and/or mathematics for pre-master (8 or higher), please contact us via mak@uvt.nl. Send us your grade list and CV. You earn 25 euros per hour tutoring.

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