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Are you interested in becoming a tutor in a particular course of Tilburg School of Economics and Management? MAK is officially assigned to organize on behalf of TiSEM to organize tutorships for its students. Every year MAK has a large number of students requesting a high quality tutorship aside the regular program offered by Tilburg University. Students who (might) struggle with certain contents of a course are interested in tutorship.

What's in it for you?

You become an experienced tutor with which you gain experience in effectively communicating, transferring information and knowledge to students. Classes consists of approximately 15 students. Besides, we offer you a salary of 25 euros per hour. You will sign a contract with MAK Supported by Asset and we provide you the essential information required to teach the course. The time slot in which you provide tutorships is always fixed and in accordance between you, MAK and the schedule of the students.

Which type of tutorships does MAK offer?

We offer three types of tutorships to our students:

  • Regular tutorship of 11 lessons: 1.5 hours each.
  • Mid-semester tutorships of 6 lessons: 1.5 hours each.
  • (Resit) Crash Course of 9 hours (possibly spread over two days). 

What does it require to become a tutor?

  • We ensure quality of student-tutors to our students. You must have passed a course at Tilburg School of Economics and Management with at least an 8.0 in order to tutor a particular course. (Econometrics students must have passed a course with at least a 7.5);
  • You must be comfortable with teaching a class of approximately 15-20 students;
  • Send us a grade list extraction from Osiris and your CV. 

Are you interested?

Are you interested in becoming a tutor? Do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]. Send us your grade list from Osiris, CV and contact details. Do you want to become a private coach? You can already register via our private coaching platform. We will contact you shortly to meet one-on-one with the Educational Affairs of MAK Mentorship System | Supported by Asset.



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