MAK organizes tutorships for courses which are difficult to pass by a high number of students. MAK is officially assigned by Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) to provide high quality tutorships on campus in close collaboration with course coordinators. MAK matches supply and demand by recruiting student tutors. These tutors have passed similar courses with a high grade. We try to meet demand as effectively as possible, but in some cases the number of tutors is limited and we want to maintain the quality of our courses in small-class groups of approximately 15 students. We are not obligatory to provide tutorships if there is any demand. Tutorships provided by MAK are an additional service to students of Tilburg School of Economics and Management. All our tutorships are sold within our shop.

We provide the following type of tutorships:

  • Regular (full-semester) tutorships: 11 lessons on a fixed time slot for 65 euros;
  • Mid-semester tutorships: 6 lessons on a fixed time slot for a total of 35 euros;
  • (Resit) Crash Courses: 1 or 2 days, 9 hours in total before exams for a total of 35 euros.

We also provide private coaching for students who would like to have one-on-one coaching. Please register as a private coach via our platform.

Become a tutor

Are you interested in becoming a tutor? MAK is always looking for extending its list of tutors to provide a small group of students a tutorship. If you have passed a course with an 8.0 or higher (For Econometric students ≥ 7.5 ) you are eligible to become a tutor for that course!

Send your CV and Osiris grade list extraction to [email protected] and provide a list of courses you are interested in.

Course information & Social Media

More information about a specific course can be found in our shop. We try to meet demand and supply as effective as possible and we will always pre-announce when our tutorships will be launched online in our shop. Follow us on social media to be up-to-date:

Important information and rights about MAK Mentorship Tutorships

If you do not have a Dutch bank account, please contact MAK at [email protected]  for more information regarding your payment options.

MAK Mentorship System organizes tutorships where demand is sufficient and supply and quality of student tutors is ensured. MAK Mentorship System tries to meet supply and demand as effectively as possible, but is in no way obligatory to provide tutorship to everyone demanding a tutorship. Especially when quality of tutorship is negatively affected. MAK Mentorship System reserves the right to cancel a tutorship in case there is a shortage of applications. If you have bought a tutorship that is cancelled, your payment will be refunded as soon as possible. Probably private coaching might be more applicable in this situation. This applies to all groups. If you signed up for a tutorship, it is not possible to cancel the tutorship after you attended your second tutorship class. If so, your payment will not be refunded.

Disclaimer: The tutorships on this website are sold by Stichting E.C.O.

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