Private Coaching

Private Coaching is a platform provided by MAK Supported by Asset where students from Tilburg School of Economics and Management can be matched to a tutor. Tutors who have met the requirements to become a tutor of a course are selected based on their grade list to provide one-on-one tutorships. One-on-one tutorships are ideal for students struggling with passing a course. Also, in case there is a low demand of general tutorships, private coaching is an ideal way. Always check whether a tutorship is available in our shop when small class tutorships also suit your needs.

Why choose Private Coaching?

MAK ensures private coaches have met our quality requirements. Coaches must be a student at Tilburg University, Tilburg School of Economics and Management. They also must have passed a similar course with a high grade (8.0) to become a private coach. Econometrics students must have passed a course with a 7.5 to become a private coach.

Costs and Payment of Private Coaching

Costs for students who participate in Private Coaching are regulated. One hour private coaching costs 15 euros. Payments are administered between student and coach. MAK does not interfere in any payment, appointments or disputes between coach and student about payment.

Becoming a tutor is free of charge.

Requirements of becoming a Private Coach

  • Student of Tilburg University, Tilburg School of Economics and Management;
  • Applied to become a Private Coach at MAK;
  • Grades must be verified by MAK and at least be 8.0 or higher for a course to become a tutor.

Requirements of a student to match a private coach

  • Student of Tilburg University, Tilburg School of Economics and Management;
  • Registered and apply for a match on our online platform.


Private Coaching Platform
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