Course Guidelines

ASSET and MAK Supported by Asset collaborate in their efforts to help Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) students during their academic career. We want students to be as prepared as possible. Therefore, each ASSET department is responsible for a number of guidelines, associated with their study programs. Guidelines are not the same as summaries, but provide a good indication about the contents of a course. An ASSET member can buy course guidelines at the ASSET Departments for just 3 euros. Non-members from ASSET pay 7 euros for course guidelines. 

ASSET departments are located on the first floor of the Esplanade building (above the café/restaurant at the campus of Tilburg University (Warandelaan 2). Please check the guideline overview plan at the first floor where your guideline is available or contact one of the responsible ASSET Departments.

* Includes premaster
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