Pass Mentors


Do you want to give first year students the best start of their student life by guiding them along the first year? Then you should become a PASS-mentor! 

As a PASS-mentor you will guide a group of first year students through their first year at Tilburg University. You are available for questions about the program, student life at the university and in Tilburg, and you know to whom to refer a student with problems. In addition, you actively stimulate group cohesion by organizing various informal activities. 

TOP-mentor and PASS-mentor

You also have the option to already start as a mentor during the TOP week. There are 3 options: 

  • Become a PASS-mentor only (from the Kick-Off day onwards)
  • Become a TOP-mentor only (During TOP Week)
  • Become both a TOP-mentor and PASS-mentor (from the MAK Introduction Day, the first day of TOP Week, onwards)


As a PASS-mentor, you will guide your students during their first year at Tilburg University. Therefore, you have to be available on campus a full year. During this year, you have the opportunity to develop skills by following several workshops. Furthermore, you will have to guide your students concerning study and integration. You will also meet with your group regularly during the year. 

On top of this, you will organize or attend three informal activities together with your group. MAK organizes several informal activities throughout the year. We announce the activities for next year at the beginning of the program. Last year, this was the MAK beer cantus and a lunch. On top of that, MAK organized the Development Day as formal event with none other than Rico Verhoeven as a guest speaker. 

The university is always working on improvements of PASS. Based on our experiences in the past year, we might adjust the content of the program and therefore the set up might be different. 

TOP week

You can already start as a mentor prior to the Kick-Off Day if you also become a TOP-mentor. As a TOP-mentor you will attend many (fun) activities with your students. On Monday, you will start at Tilburg University with the MAK Introduction Day. The MAK Introduction Day is an informal day on which new students will get to know Tilburg University and their tutorial group next to. If you want to become a TOP-mentor besides being a PASS-mentor, please indicate this in the registration form on the TOP week website. 

What does PASS mentoring offer you?

  • You guide first year students through their first year at Tilburg University, based on your own experiences.
  • You will have a unique opportunity to work on your personal branding by following free workshops.
  • You can build your CV; you will receive a TiU approval letter, which looks great on your CV.
  • You have the opportunity to start as a mentor during TOP week
  • You receive a financial compensation.
  • You’ll just have a lot of fun and make new friends!


You can now apply to become a PASS-mentor and/or TOP-mentor via the TOP-week website. You can choose from the three options described above.

Please use the motivation field in the application form to let us know which option you choose.

You can register via

* The registration for becoming a mentor is currently closed

Please note that we are actively looking for students in every category. Therefore, we advise you to choose the category that suits you best! If you have any questions about what it's like to be a PASS- or TOP-mentor, send an email to

Please note, in case there is an insufficient amount of PASS-mentors, we might still expect you to become a PASS-mentor as well in the case you indicated TOP only.

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