Are you a first-year TiSEM student? Then you automatically participate in the PASS program, together with your work group. PASS is a module and part of one of the courses in your first year. The exact course it is combined with is different for every bachelor. For more information about PASS you can take a look at the syllabus of the course, you can find this on CANVAS. 

The role of MAK

PASS is divided into a formal and informal part. The formal part is organized by the PASS team of the university. A class meeting is an example of an aspect of PASS that is part of the formal part. 

The informal part of PASS is where MAK comes in. Your PASS mentors should organize 3 informal activities in your first year. Few of these activities are organized by MAK. This is an easy way for mentors to organize the activity, MAK does all the thinking and planning so that you and your group only have to show up and have fun. 

On top of that, MAK also organizes a Development Day yearly. Last edition, this day consisted of a motivational speech done by Tim Hofman. It was followed by a few workshops.

Are you interested in organizing certain events yourself? Take a look at the become a MAKker page!

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