MAK Introduction Days

The MAK Introduction Days (August 23rd and 26th) are the start of the PASS Mentoring Program. These days provides students an excellent opportunity to meet their fellow students via an interesting and interactive program.

More information on whether these days are on campus will follow soon. It is part of the mandatory Program Introduction (Kick Off Sessions) for bachelors. If you participate in TOP Week, then you will automatically participate in the MAK Introduction Days. If you do not participate in the TOP-week, make sure you completed your Studielink registration for your study, than you will be enrolled for the MAK Introduction Day automatically. 

During the  activities of the MAK Introduction days you will get to know your fellow students of the School of Economics and Management in an informal way. Here you will meet your TOP group, which will be half of your tutorial group during the academic year. Throughout the day, all kinds of fun activities will be organized to stimulate bonding. So during the MAK Introduction Day you will get to know fellow students and are ensured of familiar faces during the academic year and the rest of your Bachelor program.


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