MAK organizes the MAK Introduction Days for all TiSEM students. These days provide students an excellent opportunity to meet their fellow students via an interesting and interactive program. Next to that, the MAK Introduction Days are the formal start of the PASS Mentoring Program.

This year the MAK Introduction Days will take place on Monday August 22nd and on Tuesday Augst 23rd. The MAK Introduction Days are mandatory for all TiSEM studies! Below, you can find an overview of the program of the days!

Monday August 22


Before the days start, students will meet their PASS mentors and the students of their group (with whom they will spend their first year) for the first time during the registration at the SportsCenter of Tilburg University. 

academic opening

After the registration, the days will start with a grand opening. During this opening, students will be given a warm welcome to Tilburg and the university. There will be an interesting guest speaker and all students will participate in a quiz about Tilburg the university and TiSEM.

crazy '88

After the warm welcome, it is time for some action. During our crazy ’88, together with their mentor groups, students will have to complete as many (crazy) exercises as possible and in the meantime, they will get to know the campus and their fellow students.

lunch break

All students will enjoy a nice free lunch! 

mak introduction games

After the break, it is time for the MAK Introduction Games. Together with their mentor groups, all students will compete against other mentor groups. The main goal of the MAK Introduction Games is teambuilding and having fun! 



On Tuesday, it is time for more content-related activities. We start off with the information per study sessions. During this session of 1.5 hours, the Academic Director and the Educaiton Coordinators of your study will tell you all the necessary information about the study program. Moreover, the digital learning environment of Tilburg University will be explained. 


MAKtective is an escape room like activity, where an important university employee has been kidnapped. Together with your group you are going to solve riddles, math exercises and other puzzles to fire the brain neurons! Will your group be able to reveal the kidnapper?  

Lunch break

All students will enjoy a nice free lunch! 

explore 013 fair

The MAK Introduction Days and with the Explore 013 Fair, organized by TOP Week. During the explore 013 Fair, you will get to know different organisations due to several games. You will meet university parties, MAK, Asset, and other study, student and sport associations!

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