What to expect as a bachelor student?

For the Bachelor programs, the MAK Introducation Days will take place to kick-start your academic career. Participation is mandatory for all students. For the program of the MAK Introduction days, click here! You can find your personal schedule in the TOP week application, for which you are invited at your university mail.

During the MAK Introduction days, you will meet your Program Coordinator, Academic Director and mentor group, which will also be your tutorial group throughout the year. Your Program Coordinator will provide you with detailed information about your study program. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to get assistance from experienced students in navigating the Digital Learning Environment of Tilburg University, Canvas and OSIRIS. Finally, you will meet organizations offering services especially for Tilburg School of Economics and Management students.

A Perfect Start

In this booklet, you can find all information you need to know when starting a program at Tilburg University. It includes information about courses, examinations, studying at Tilburg University, study progress and the possibilities to become active besides your studies. Furthermore, you will find an overview of the academic year and the important contact information.

APS 2022-2023 NL

APS 2022-2023 EN


During your first year at Tilburg University, you will participate in the PASS program. For more information, click here

Digital Learning Environment

During the MAK Introduction Days you receive assistance in navigating the Digital Learning Environment of Tilburg University (e.g. how Osiris and Canvas work). If you need further assistance or would like a recap, MAK Supported by Asset has helped the university to make instruction videos about our digital learning environment.


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