The Introduction Period of Tilburg University forms the ideal opportunity for all Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) students to kick start their academic career. MAK Supported by Asset is responsible for organizing various introduction activities during TOP Week in August and thereafter. Are you interested in becoming part of MAK to organize introduction activities for many students? Become active at MAK! Send us an email to [email protected] with your motivation!

Below, we have included a thorough planning of all activities taking place during the Introduction Period. This upholds every activity, the date at which it is taking place, and the location where you should be present.

TOP Week

Every year, before the academic year starts, TOP Week takes place. TOP is an abbreviation for Tilburg Orientation Program. This is the general introduction week for all new Tilburg University students.
This week forms the ideal opportunity for you to get to know your fellow students! More Information about TOP Week can be found here. TOP Week is from August 23-26.

MAK Introduction Day Monday (August 22nd)

The MAK Introduction days are mandatory for all starting bachelor students who subscribed for a study at Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM), except for pre-master and master students. TOP Week starts with the first MAK Introduction Day for all new bachelor students from TiSEM on Monday the 22nd of August. This day is the start of the PASS Mentoring Program and forms the ideal opportunity for you to get to know your fellow students with whom you will spend the rest of your Bachelor period. If you participate in the TOP Week you will automatically participate in the MAK Introduction Days. If not, please subscribe separately to not miss the opportunity to meet fellow students.

MAK Introduction Days Tuesday (August 23rd)

The second MAK Introduction Day is on Tuesday within TOP Week. This day is, like the Monday, mandatory for bachelor students to attend. You will receive information about your studies, the rest of the day is filled with group bonding activities that prepare and introduce you to the PASS Program. 

(Pre)-Master Students: Online Study Program Introduction 

For all (pre)-Master students, a study program introduction is organized by MAK to prepare you for next year. The program is not mandatory, but we do advise you to go, since you will receive information about different aspects of your student career. You can enjoy a talkshow about student life as a (pre)-Master student, an online information market and an inspiration session given by Student Career Services. More information about the (Pre)-Master Students: Online Study Program Introduction will follow shortly. 

 If you would like to receive more information related to these days, we have a digital booklet called 'A Perfect Start'  (English/Dutch). The edition of 22-23 will be revealed soon. 

MAK Mentorship System | Supported by Asset organizes the Kick-Off Sessions for all starting students who subscribed for a study at Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM). The Kick-Off Session is the best way to start your student life at Tilburg University. During this day you will get more information about your study program and about Tilburg University in general. You will also get to know your fellow students and explore the campus of Tilburg University. Please carefully read the information below applying to your situation: Bachelor, Pre-Master, or Master student.

I am a…
Bachelor student

For the Bachelor programs, the MAK Introducation Days will take place to kick-start your academic career. Participation is mandatory for all students.

During these days, you will meet your Program Coordinator, Academic Director and mentor group, which will also be your tutorial group throughout the year. Your Program Coordinator will provide you with detailed information about your study program. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to get assistance from experienced students in navigating the Digital Learning Environment of Tilburg University, Canvas and OSIRIS. Finally, you will meet organizations offering services especially for Tilburg School of Economics and Management students.

I am a…

Pre-Master or Master student

  • Participation is not mandatory

For pre-master and master students the Program Introduction Day will take place to kick-start your academic career. These days will be within TOP Week on Wednesday morning. This day is not mandatory, but useful if you never studied at Tilburg University before.

Throughout the Online Program Introduction Day you will receive more information on:

  • Talkshow about student life 
  • Information Fair: you will get to know some parties who are active at campus of Tilburg University. They can help you with the orientation of your future career.
  • Inspiration session given by career services

Important: do not forget to bring the email you received from the student administration. This email contains your student number (U-number) and your password. You will need this information during the Program Introduction Day to enroll for courses and exams!


A Perfect Start

In this booklet, you can find all information you need to know when starting a program at Tilburg University. It includes information about courses, examinations, studying at Tilburg University, study progress and the possibilities to become active besides your studies. Furthermore, you will find an overview of the academic year and the important contact information.

Dutch Version A Perfect Start

English Version A Perfect Start

The edition of 22-23 will be revealed soon.

Digital Learning Environment

During the Kick-Off Sessions, you receive assistance in navigating the Digital Learning Environment of Tilburg University. If you need further assistance or would like a recap, MAK Supported by Asset has helped the university to make instruction videos about our digital learning environment.

TOP Week

TOP Week provides you the ideal opportunity to get to know fellow students, discover Tilburg University and explore what being a student in Tilburg has to offer you.

Every year, before the academic year starts, TOP Week takes place. This is the general introduction week for new Tilburg University students.

TOP Week is the first time freshmen have the opportunity to get to know each other. Throughout the whole week all kind of fun activities will be organized that will stimulate the introduction and integration of the students. During this week, all freshmen will be divided into groups of approximately 15 people who all have the same study program. The group will be guided by two senior students (student mentors), who will show them all aspects of student life in Tilburg. The week gives you an impression of all sport clubs, study associations and student groups Tilburg has to offer. You will meet many new people and make great friends of the same study program.

More Information about MAK Mentorship System
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